Monday, September 24, 2012

Charity Ride 2012

This was the second year we participated in a charity ride. was the 2012 Charity Ride beneficiary.  They are a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

Cory Bolen Provided excellent maps for the rides!
Riders donated $15 and then headed out on one of three ride options to suit various desires of difficulty.  Similar to last year, there was a 50mile, a 40mile and a 23mile ride mapped out.

Last year we had about 8-10 people on the 50mile route, this year I opted for the coined "Yam" ride.  The "Russet" was the 40 mile and the "Bourgeois" was the 50mile option.  Themes of the ride names were chosen as a nod to our partner sponsor, Boise Fry Company, who took care of all of us post ride and donated 20% of all of their sales for most the the afternoon to the charity as well!

Green Belt Roll Call!
Nine of us showed up at 10:30 to do the Yam and everyone patiently waited around for me to run into Eastside Cycles to purchase some new water bottle cages for my new Ridley cross bike and inflate Angela's tire again as I was unable locate and fix a leak in her tire before the ride.  (I would have to add air another 3 times during the ride, but it worked until I find time to try and fix it again!)

Yes, it was smokey out there, but it didn't hamper our spirits or hinder our riding did, however decrease our visibility!


Bryan Warnock and Rick Holscher leading up Sidewinder

The group slinkied up Crestline trail and grouped up again before climbing Sidewinder.  The trails were not very busy Saturday!  Seems everyone was hesitant to ride in the smoke.  But as fellow cyclist Dave Byers said in response to "should I ride in this smoke?" he replied: "Ride. Always."  I wonder if he got the information on our charity ride?  Similarly to many others, our Thursday night rides have been a bit lite as of late!

Angela following Jeremy

Still smiling up Fat Tire Traverse!

Enjoying the Tailings Art

Rolling out Rocky Canyon: Fall colors are here!

Happy Rick and Nancy Odel on the last climb of the day

During the ride Rick received a call from his daughter Danny who informed Rick that the basement was flooding!  She was going to use a shop vac to get most of the water up and lay down towels and limit water usage until Rick could call a plumber and finish out the ride!  (Danny is in the 7th grade!) :)
Rick arranging for a plumber on Rock Island
Post ride we all enjoyed ample amounts of fries, gourmet burgers and beer!  It was a pleasure to catch up with the three Red Lantern riders who did the 50mile (altered) route; good seeing you, Jared Rammel, Todd Meir and Ben Biggerstaff.  We did not get a chance to catch up with any of the Russet riders!  Anyone?

Yam riders:
Eric Zuber
Angela Haener
Rick Holsher
Bryan Warnock
Nancy Odel
Tyler Smith
Logan (Tyler's nephew)
Jeremy (didn't catch your last name!)

It was a pleasure!  Hope to see more of you out next year, as well as the fast approaching Cross Season!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Multiday Adventure

Just a quick entry to keep some fresh content and exercise my day dreaming…
I’ve always been intrigued by multi day bike travel since Angela bought our first pannier back in 2007 when we were deciding how to experience Ireland.  Since then we have taken three large trips, the largest of which was a 3 week, self supported trip in the rain over 5 countries during which we learned a lot.
Then it was easy to be sucked into the endurance mountain bike events with all of the strong riders on our team and in the valley.  It only seems natural to me what the next adventure step would be: multiday mountain bike travel and; GASP – RACING! 
I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas in order to draw out your experiences and ideas in the hope of creating more adventures together.  Local Multi day trips, signing up together for organized multi day events or creating a local multi day route/event to share with others local and out of state!

From XXC_Mag_#17: Frame Bags for a 400mi race
 A group of friends from Boise (not including myself) are headed down to Moab to do a self supported White Rim tour.  Bob trailers are being gathered, dry runs being made up Rocky Canyon and excitement mounting.  I wish them smooth travels and pleasant memories to be made.  Looking forward to hearing about the trip!
It seems multi day, self supported mountain and/or cross bike racing is growing at a reasonable rate as of late, or perhaps I’m now more aware of events and gear options.  A few of us on the team have been talking about bike packing.  One has even gone so far as outfitting his mountain bike with frame bags and route planning.  I hope to join on a 2-3 day jaunt this Fall if time permits.  I have not committed as far as gear is concerned, as frame bags can get a bit costly.

If you have read this far; Perhaps you too are interested in exploring this world on two wheels under your own effort.  Do you want to learn what it would be like to be self supported on an overnighter MTB trip?  Maybe before the snow flies we can do an overnighter to Mores Campground and back?  Anyone?  Baby steps to multi day adventure! J

Freeload Racks from NZ on a Full Suspension MTB
 Recently fueling my excitement was being exposed to XXC Magazine showcasing Endurance Mountain biking including accounts of Southern California Stage Coach 400, TransIowa, San Juan Hut to Hut, Dirty Kanza 200, and various other multi day adventures stateside and abroad as well as fueling ideas from top endurance athletes such as Amanda Carey.  Needless to say the adventure detector in my brain was pegged. 

It was in this magazine I came across a rack system that I thought to be ingenious.  I had been looking for a front rack for my commuter (bottle opener included) and then thought this rack may fit many uses I’d like to explore at a reasonable cost!  This rack could convert any one of my bikes into a multi day rig, lugged or no.
We do have one experienced multi day endurance racer on our team and I hope by the end of next year we have two or three more!  Two of us at this point have committed to and signed up for a first taste of multi day endurance event; the BrekEpic in August next year.  There are currently 5 Boise riders signed up.  Perhaps one of the closer multi day events(staged or self supported) will also make our calendars, one never knows, but they are in the back of my mind.  And maybe I can plant the seed in yours too?!  Can we gain enough interest to grow this idea into an Eastside Epic?  A yearly event?!
Here is to adventure; share, plan, prepare and execute!