Friday, November 16, 2012

As we enter the 8th week of the 2012 Cyclocross season, I wanted to pause for a moment and reflect on what has been going on: lots of fun!  Team Eastside Cycles has had a great showing thus far in both the SICX series and the Waffle Cross series.  The courses have been fun and challenging.  I tried to layout a course on paper, enough to get a feel for how tough it can be to even plan the course not to mention setting it up!

I’ve had a great time chatting up everyone at the races and battling it out with the BYRDS.  Maybe I’ve had a good time racing with BYRDS because they’ve only beaten me a handful of times (usual suspects) and have only put me in the tape once or twice…  It seems we don’t get to see this amount of fellow rides at any other time during the year!  In fact, there are so many people at the races, I rarely have time to talk to everyone I’d like to catch up with! 

So a big thank you to everyone coming out every weekend.  It has been great to see you and be a part of the excitement we are all making the cross scene here in Boise.
A few of my highlights of the season so far:
·        Working with Ryan Faber to build up a new cross assault bike
·        Racing CAT2 and getting beaten by a ‘new’ rider in CAT3 at Sandy point (Brad from the Wood River Valley). 
·        Visiting Victor, Idaho for Moose Cross and beating Brad two days in a row – the second day took some doing…but the swag was very much worth the effort and trip!
·        Eating Waffles at Waffle Cross!  Good call on the ‘crystallized’ sugar – or Belgian sugar – whatever – magic.  (much better than choking down a waffle and a PBR during the Waffle race)
·        Racing Kuna and getting Flocked again – but still grabbing the last podium spot.
·        Racing Nampa after a day of broken sleep interlaced with flu like purging but still enjoying the course and trying to keep Jeremy Whitman at bay!  I also had a chance to race with Mark Schafer for most of the race before he crushed me at the finish…
·        Being called up first for Turkey Cross #4 before Brent Gorman or Shawn Mitchell as the series point leader for Pro1/2!  (unless both Brent and Shawn don’t show up or finish, it seems I have a good shot at 3rd for the season…)
·        Both Angela and I holding the series lead for the SICX series at the moment! (Wmns Cat3 and Pro/1/2 respectively)
Looking forward to seeing you all at States and the SICX finale December 1st and 2nd!