Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boise Bike Week, Come Ride with Eastside!!!

Boise Bike Week is coming up and there are lot of fun events shaping up, so get your bikes tuned up and come ride with us!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
6:00 p.m., Military Reserve / Fort Boise Parking Lot across from Dog Park Area (Look for Eastside Jerseys)
Beginner and Intermediate Rides


Monday, April 7, 2014

5-mile Trail Work, Part 2

Saturday 6 of us headed up the busy Rocky Canyon Road.  Robie Creek Race has pulled the average runner from cozy beds along with eager trail repair enthusiasts headed for the last rut on 5-mile from recent spring run off!

Rut just after the first optional creek crossing

We started by collecting large rock to make check damns.

We then added baseball sized rock (or larger rocks - then took out our aggressions with hammers to downsize them).
Shaw breaking up larger rock

We finished by adding a nice layer of dirt that over time will settle between all the rock and make for a nice, solid, erosion resistant trail bed...

Rob adding the final layer

After adding the topsoil we compacted the dirt and had our finished product!

Happy with our work, we went on with our day.

Special thanks today to: Cory Bolen, Rob and Patty (Taking picture) Burke, Michael Shaw and Mark Schafer!
*All work pre-arranged with Ridge to Rivers and done as per instructed!
(if we did a good job, perhaps you'll be seeing us more often helping out!)
Now go have fun and ride it in!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Warming up to another season with Polar Bottles!

While it was still warming up in Boise (and raining and snowing as I was told) Angela and I slipped off to south to warm up and enjoy the canyons and rock Utah has to offer.

While I know this may sound crazy - we were in Moab for a few days without Mountain Bikes!  Don't fret - we did have two bikes on us, but then again, they didn't get much use.

BUT - what did get used for the first time were bottles from POLAR BOTTLES, one of our sponsors this year.  I'm impressed!  Initially, I viewed bottles all in the same category - necessary containers to carry water when out and about on the bike or hiking...  But my opinion is now altered and I will now reach for these bottles this year when riding in our foothills and or races!

They have a few details that I noticed and appreciated:

1) They have a contoured shape that actually fits the hand well when holding - not necessarily a game changer - but an appreciated detail (and aren't we all about the details?).

2) Insulated - I didn't test this out extensively as temperatures were mild last week - but we did leave two bottles in the car one day and I noticed my High Cascade standard bottle left that undesirable plastic taste in the water, whereas the Polar Bottle did not!  Major selling point!

3) Handy loop for hiking/carrying.  I am not sure how this loop will work on the bike (I most likely will remove it) but it worked out great when carrying a few of these bottles around (from car to pack, counter to garage, etc)  How many of us have done the 3-4 bottle shuffle inevitably dropping one on the way?  Not a problem when you can easily hook the loop with one finger making multiple bottle carry issues a thing of the past! :)  Not to mention the carabiner carry!

See you on the trail!