Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TEC 2013 Roll Call!

It has been fairly quiet on the Blog front – but rest assured Eastsiders have been busy skiing, biking, racing and having a grand ole time since the last post!

The end of cyclocross season seemed premature as nationals and worlds were still a month out and the weather was just getting ‘crossy’ in Boise…   But a few us hung up our bikes and started waxing the skis and turned our typical Thursday Night Ride into a Thursday Night Ski for 5 weeks!  While trail conditions waned in the valley it was an easy choice to run up the hill to Bogus Basin to get some laps in.  Turnouts were lower, but the fun shared patched the whole where bike riding used to be…

Unseasonably warm temperatures dried things out for about a week mid February and even though the skiing was reported to be great, four of us slipped out for our Thursday night jaunt to test the better trails!  The feeling of rolling the knobbies left me feeling elated…  It was good to be back on the bike! 

We have some ideas for how and where to end a good ride…

And – we made it!  Winter’s end is looming!  The first mountain bike race of the season is this Saturday!  Of course the next race isn’t for another month after Echo Red to Red, but spring fever is imminent!  Time to wash those bike when the hose thaws, pick this years’ new gear and plan those trips and races! (if you haven’t already! – some races have already sold out! J )

Name the back of the beautifuly trimmed, team member/sponsor head!

Last night was the team 2013 kickoff meeting and about 20 of us showed up for some great pizza from one of our sponsors (Flat Bread!).  We tasted some Honey Stinger product (another sponsor) and had product to take home from Stinger and GU (new sponsor this year!).  Of course we met at our Title sponsor’s new Eastside Cycles location (across the street from previous location) to wine and dine amongst beautiful bikes I’ve only seen dancing through my mind the last 5 weeks!).

Here you can see Geneva’s brand spankin’ new Rocky Mountain on the stand getting dialed for its first ride as two of our trusty wrenches admire the beauty!

Trailhead Chiropractic or second main sponsor was on hand to meet those of us who have not yet required his services to fix locked joints, sprains and pains and share his goals for 2013 as well! 

Of course we had other team member sponsors on hand, including Bryan (Catridge World), Geneva (Riverbend Preschool), Matt (Matt Green Photography; NEW SPONSOR!) and Greg (Verde Fulfillment)!  Of course we have secured other official and non-official team sponsors (some mentioned in previous post, some last night).  Good people coming together for good things, love it!

It was good to get back to seeing the regular folks again, good luck to those headed out to Oregon for the first race!  Looking forward to the 2013 season!  Should be a good one!